5 Reasons why I like you, Peter.

  1. Personal Space- We do understand this concept. Easy peasy. You have your moody time and went hiding in your cage. Then, after years of meditation, you came back home. Okay, years is an exaggeration but time is relative okay, Einstein thought me this.
  2. Au de naturale – Okay, I sense you have very limited capacity of being cheesy.  I feel like you are special but at the same time, you are merely a friend. So, this works for me too.
  3. Responsible – You know what priority is and you put it first. It kinda turn me on that you know what your responsibility is and I cannot bullshit you with my excessive demands. Respect
  4. Caring – especially when I’m HANGRY.
  5. Smart – your ability to engaged with my intellectual level is impressive. This should come first on the list.
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