“The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma”

I was too emotional lately, and something was really off.

After session of de-stress ( read : shopping and window shopping), I begin to see the bigger picture.

It was all started when I lost of my routine session ( I quit my job)

My rhythm was interrupted, and I created void. The void forced my mind to unnecessarily overthinking stuffs. 

Then to fill in the void, I expect so much from people – validation, approval , attention etc and I ended up become a clingy person ( never imagine I’d became one).

Now, that I realized what went wrong, I stay in control of remaining who am I. I fix my routine and move my own rhythm. It is the utmost important to have self control, because true power is the control you have over yourself.

The worst thing I’ve done so far, is demeaning myself. Lesson learnt. I love myself, and I start to take care of me. I need to avoid being sucked down into quicksand of emotions or to give away myself.

Haven’t I told you, I hate it when people can tell how I really feel?

This is my life and it is too precious to waste.


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