Too much of negativity

Because I invested too much time on Facebook & Twitter lately,

I get annoyed reading posts attacking junior doctors a.k.a the housemen in my country.

One article even mentioned

“Junior doctors cannot cope working 8 hours a day..”

8 hours? In regular basic, a houseman works 15 freaking hours a day, then on on-call their working hours might extended  up to 24-32 hours?

Do you know that this profession is inhumane to the junior doctors? Ask them

They have less time to eat, to drink, leisure time not even to poop! Some even had to sacrifice their job (quit) because they cannot manage time properly to nurture their baby/kids.

Are you lucky to have doctor in your family? Think again, she/he did take care of others but the very same person did abandon their own family.

Ask yourself, do you have WEEKEND? Because we do not have that privilege!

How my dad also reminded me “haaaa see, the houseman needs to see counselor for bad attitude”

I even said “I cannot have babies at this stage of my life because of my profession”

I’m so sick of it.

Can somebody tell me good things about medicine. Please. 


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