He asked me; so “What is your turning point?”

The day you decided to kidnap me and we went out of town.
My heart skipped a beat or two because I couldn’t contain my excitement! I’m so easily get bored over plain things and that idea got me hyperventilated.  That point onward I started to wonder “can you actually read me?

You are grumpy especially when you are driving and I found it hilarious (at least for now).

You are so articulate in  expressing your ideas.

You are good looking ( bonus point)

You are sincere and caring (and  I fall for this)

And ultimately, how you still stay the same after you’ve come clean with your feeling.

There there, I just need that. Just be yourself.. is enough.

Funny how you said you saw your reflection in me. How I am actually the female version of yourself. Yet despite the similarities and resemblances, we both know there is a HUGE problem lies in front of us. The difference.

So I just decided to go with the flow.

I don’t know what I should label this because I have been in relationship too many times before but I’m not sure what is this.

And yet, you’re never been into one.

I didn’t put much thought or hope in this one, because it might not last. *finger crossed*


Ok tipu.


A part of me was blooming with hope and bliss, while another small part was raging with pride

And in the mean time, just enjoy the show.


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