Hi, I am back.

It’s been a while. I know.

Today is the 2nd day of Psychiatric Posting, and it’s been a dramatic day, for me.

During clinical in the teaching room, my friend presented about delusional disorder case where the wife had idea of jealousy-infidelity towards his husband. However, in the physical examination part, she had forgotten to calculate the BMI of the patient.

So, SIr G asked somebody else to do it. A did the calculation, so did I.

I took out my phone out of my pocket, and press calculator. “Oh underweight, I said to myself”

Then I kept it back.

Not long after that, beeping sound is heard, TATADOCOMO sent me a message. I quickly, put my phone on silent mode.

Okay. Let me tell you the seating arrangement first..


So, I was sitting in front of Sir G. It felt so awkward to maintain eye contact 24/7,( plus I could not think of answer of his bombastic questions), so I tend to shift my gaze downward and hold my pencil case, stared at it blankly.

But most of the time, I was taking down points that he had been mentioned on my notebook.  My hands are on the desk and I face downward.


So I heard he kept throwing sarcasm about  some of us are keen playing with phone.

How “attention is arrousal but ill sustained” in some people. I had no clue.

Toward the end of the class, he looked me in the eye, and said

“You are sitting right in front of me, but I know you’re playing with that. I heard the beeping sound”

I was like “NOOOOOOOOO. I didn’t”

“Then you must be day dreaming”

My group mates, as expected, they were bursting out laughing. I didn’t say anything, trust me my phone is in my pocket all the time. I know it’s no point of being defensive in this situation.

Ai even told me that I had no sight at all, as I didn’t realize that Dr G had talking bout me  an hour ago.


Dear Dr G, 

I think you are the one who are the one who paranoid. Just like the patient.

How I wish I can say that,





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