3 days ago, I carved a history at my university.

It’s all started when we had a briefing for examination by an external examiner. I’m aware that I’m  unwell. The day before,I skipped my lunch because of my heavy breakfast.

I had the worst feeling in my life. My stomach was like stormy ocean, with all the fluid and contents mixed up, upside down. To the east, and back to the south. I feel nauseated and even had thrown up for 3 times that day. I honestly had mixed feeling, I DONT WANNA GO to the briefing. But I forced myself.

At lecture hall.

I arrived at 815 pm sharp. Lecturer came 15 minutes later, and everything went well. He is the most funny and laid-back speaker I’ve ever met. Few times he asked differential diagnosis, moving his target from the last boy sitting at the back to the boy sitting in front of him. I muttered few answers, well I’m among the back benches at that time, so my voice was not that audible. 30 minutes had past, and I kept myself composed. My head started to crack,I felt my legs being chained and my body was thrown to the sea. I’m suffocated but remained calm.

Few times, I’m using my thumbs to  press the blood vessel at the corner of my eyebrows for 10 seconds, which gave sense of  temporary relieve. But it didn’t last.

15 minutes had gone. I tried to have conversation with  my inner self. Failed. I cannot wait no more.

With another choking sensation, it felt like a dragon about to fire. The angst, The tantrum, got stuck at my throat. I stood up, walking gracefully to the front door ( we have no back door), while my eyes were searching for  small basket bin nearby the door.

The doctor  (speaker) sensed my movement. He paused from his lecture and made a comment ;

“Do you have headache?”

I smiled. No words was running through mouth. Half of the people in the lecture hall had shifted their attention towards me. I can sense that, and I’m nervous.

I rushed toward the dustbin, with my knee on the floor and my face about 10 cm from the basket’s rim,

“UWEEEEKKKKKKKK” followed by *sounds of SPLASH!”

(Repeat the above action 3times)

Moment of silence.

I felt a warm hand briskly rubbed my back. Y was sitting next to me, trying to help me to get up on my on. I cannot. I need few seconds.

I think Dr was also shocked and the last thing I heard from him was

” Somebody please give her a chocolate”


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