“So I figure youre one of the rare breeds who actually get me when it comes to this.”

Last night, I had a conversation with my unimate. To my suprised, she described me as a “touch & go” person.

“You came close to people, left them as you may, and come back in no time”

It is not something that I should apologize for. It’s kinda frustating because there’s no way I can explain to people how messed up I was, and I still am.

At times, I just need space, a quality time with myself. Hide in my own cocoon. Till I think I’m ready to kill my loneliness, then I’ll open up.

I’m not sure.

Melati once said , “You are fragile”

I am. I don’t think anyone is that worthy to see my broken side.

And the very next morning, Bella texted me about the same thing. She had similar case with me, and apparently I do understand her condition. Hence the title.

Thank God, I had known Bella earlier. She is a living proof that i’m quite a normal girl.

Googled myself, and I found this. Isn’t this lovely?


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