The end

Phew! Last night was the election result announcement and it’s marked the end of my job. I was running here and there, and end up skipping my dinner. I was as hungry as a pig!

All sweats and blood( I had to fight with turbulence female emotions- the day of the month) are worth it when the event turned out just well. Thank God I had a great team!

Just, last night the moment I sat next to Madam V, I seriously had nothing great to say. That’s so awkward, I couldn’t build a rapport with someone older than me. Oh tell me that’s norm, because I really couldn’t find a suitable topic to talk about. Loser. That’s definitely okay with me, at least I tried.

Through out the events, I learnt that you could turn out to be a total asshole by just ignoring your friend.
Before this, I didn’t believe that people are damn busy and couldn’t squeeze some time with you. I mean, hello just 5 minutes is enough!

I thought that’s just a lame excuse. No, no. It wasn’t. Well maybe it depends on people,but I was busy as hell, and I couldn’t afford any of my golden time to do it.

The moment I read the text, I was too exhausted. And I didn’t intend to reply any of it, though they are the people I really counted as ‘friends’.

Sorry people! But I wasn’t running for president position, so I’m back to the steady state of Hahaha.


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