When I read my friend’s Facebook status, “Thank you _______(insert your sponsorship’s name here), I’m a little overjoyed.

I walked proudly to the atm machine to draw my money after Sunday’s dine out at Hotel R, just to figure out that my money is still stagnant.

I couldn’t blame my friend,since he is in Wollongong and I’m HERE! Different continents, different places.

But I know exactly what’s going on. The rupee’s currency is going down, and dollar is relatively fluctuating, which means we gonna have extra allowance this month, same goes for the past few months. So they(bank) hold our money for sometimes to ensure we have the least increment that we could possible gain.

Hello, I’m a lazy cook here! I need my allowance to buy my meals since it’s already 27th of October. Or are you actually pull Halloween’s trick now, and no, it’s aint funny!

Well, that’s my thought before I encountered this,


I’m not sure when I pinned that down on my little board. Kinda ashamed of myself.

Haahahahahahhahahahahahahahha. <—– that's me being speechless. Let’s count our blessings, maybe?


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