Ghost Voter.

I take some distance from myself. For whatever things that I did, I try to reason it out. I don’t believe people do things, just because the want to. Some must be obligated by rules, or religion or self’s ego or be in anything under the sun.

So, here’s one conflicted scenario happened this day. We are required to cast a vote for somebody we don’t even know. There are two nominees for General Post of ‘some title’ back in hometown( my university is an offshore campus). I didn’t hear any manifesto, oh and wait, if they need our vote, they will be our representative right, so what they will do for us in return?
Do they even have us in the back of their mind?

It was crazy, call me skeptical but the whole thing didn’t made sense to me. The moment Prof R rushed in to our lecture hall, saying he just got the email and have to elect the next day and that’s when my hand’s up in the air,

“Sir, I wouldn’t blindly vote for anyone. They provide picture with names. But it ‘s not enough”.

No solution.

My friend said, this is normal. So, I asked my friends in MSU Bangalore, do they have to do the same thing like this, they said no. They are the closest example I have. I did ask few of my friends in oversea- branch campus in homeown. Everyone denied it.

What I afraid the most, is the election system. Do they really sincere to involve us in this election? Or do they have hidden agenda? Or worst do they actually have an ideal ‘candidate’ and just using our names to carry on the plan?

They can ask me to vote. But they can’t force me to elect. 2 crosses mean nothing right.


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