245am. The whole world is sleeping and I’m wide awake. No, not insomnia, not this time.
After finishing our tour in Busavan Kudachi today and settling down all the questionnaires, we went home, tired some. I gave myself all-day-rest on the bed, and greeted the world at twilight.

Now, I’m on my bed once again. reading the holly Pathology book, since I had study session group tomorrow. I take a break by lodging around some websites, when I stumbled upon the sweetest poem this year.

From Bella to Adam

Bella once said to me, “Marriage isn’t about a grant wedding. It’s a freaking life time commitment.”

I’m not too close with her, but I do have the slightest idea what she’d been through in her life.
If you can hear me, Happy Birthday Adam! You are so lucky to have her. 🙂


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