He interlocked his fingers, rested his chin on it and put his elbows on the table. Quickly, I put down the paper I held not long before, with my palm wide open, I slide it towards him. His eyes moved along with the paper.

I observed few nods, little ‘ensuring gestures’ yet I cannot study his facial expression. As he looked up at me, he said,

“You could get much better grade if you, at least score your MCQ. This is worse than bad”.

I acknowledged my weakness. I could have fail all through if the system is made to be solely dependent on MCQ-type questions. But I made it, I passed, tho’ my grade is obviously far from perfect.

“Is there any explanation for this? Do you have any problem?”, he asked.

Bingo! I was waiting for this compulsory question. This routine question was expected from all of his mentees too, made it easier for us to at least come up with a defensive answer- which is better than silent and shrug.

“My mathematics is bit off, sir. I guess I took uncalculated risk by answering most of the questions. My answers were rather dangerous”.
I couldn’t believe that words are flying off from my mouth.

Throw your dice, this is a set of probability, in fact our lives are awash with uncertainty, required sound mind to pick up decision, which if not all, most will cast a ritual “what if’s”?. I hope I cracked a smile, but nil. His muscle didn’t twitch.

He opened up his mouth,

“Indeed they are dangerous, they are eating you inside out”.

At that moment I really hope we were at the same wavelength.


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