““My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations.” – John Green

I read the novel -The fault in our stars by John Green. I listen to Troye Sivan.

The book is charming and the video clip is splendid!
Kudos to both of them.

1. I love how video clip has resemblance to the story. If you had read the novel, you might get the idea, it’s not some soupy book. The author highlighted how life of cancer patient is almost normal while dying is just a ‘side-effect’. The way their enjoyed themselves in the clip, – wearing animal head scarfs, cam whore with Mac book and playing paper cups just like in Pitch Perfect did justice to the novel.

2. I love his expressions. Can you spot the sincerity of his eyes sparkle in contrast to the dark background? and the way he tilts his head aside and combs his finger out of frustration, as though his face is saying the line,
” Don’t give up just yet, stay grand for one more minute”.

I cried.
And I told myself,
” What if the patient in the video clip asked Troye, what had happened to the hero in the book?”

How conflicted he would react.


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