Don’t play with fire

.. or you’ll get burnt. Corny.


 I admit I’d used to have war against myself. And it doesn’t work. War never work for anyone, for that matter. Hence, I’ve change of plan.

I have to make peace with myself. I need to put an end the battle between two hemispheres of my brain. They have clashed of opinions, they almost get me killed.


and love matters. Weird enough, that I believe love makes world go ’round. or spin at its axis, to be exact.I don’t mean those love you made on bed. I mean love outside it. Hahahaha. Wide spectrum of love, applied to yourself or the other party-be it man,human, trees, materials, etc.

I associated love with rain. Last night, I sat on a stool in my balcony, watching the rains- under the neon’s light, they looked like parallel lines stroke against the roof of garage. I thought of few people I love. They are as beautiful as the rain. Many say they prefer to use the adjective to describe the colourful,fascinating rainbow. But rainbow is intangible, you’ll never be able to catch it no matter how far you run. Instead, I can collect the droplets through my mouth, or let it washes away the haze of my mind. Or rain has the capability to put off the wildfire.


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