My thought hold stationary

He holds the glass and keep it in place while his son tries to reach the farther kuih raya (cookies) on the table.

She keeps their daughters by her side, one is sitting next to her, on a fluffy sofa  while the youngest is on her  lap.

He ignores his half-full 100 plus till the ice cubes melt away. The glass is letting down a stream of vapour and slowly hitting the bottom.

She entertains the daughters- one is asking for nuts the other is pointing for Kuih Planta. Without knowing, there are two not-so-clear containers are full with sweets and candies in front of the two.

We talks for hours.

I, fond of her.

She looks gentle and humble. She ignores the need to apply layer of cosmetic products on her face. She doesn’t have fair nor perfect complexion, yet she is composed of herself. She is not fall under good looking, beautiful, sweet, charming woman but I can’t stop looking at her courage. She trusts what she had- is adequate for his husband. She builds a world that lives in herself without wearing any facade. She is a probably a media’s enemy but she doesn’t have to wonder because her day was enough. She makes me creep on some level because she has proven my believe is wrong. She almost kisses all my hallucinogenic absurdities about beauty  away which now makes a perfect sense.  



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