Nowadays everyone seems to be obsessed with what they posses. Look around you, you can count with one hand, teen that doesn’t have a smart phone, ipod, tablets, ipad etc

Fine, but people keep themselves busy with those belongings at inappropriate venues . Even in a class, meeting ups, family gathering or an official ceremony. Time that supposed to be allocated for human interactions had been melting down to almost zero at cost of deviation of human’s attention into the ‘supreme’ in their hands.

Up to one point,I’m feel so annoyed with the users, not the technology. That’s why. I’m still using the non-touch-screen classic cell phone but I admit that I own an Ipad ( 3rd Generation). I didn’t have whatsapp, I deleted my LINE, I deleted my twitter account, I re-do a new instagram account, and I’m about to delete my facebook account but I can’t. Facebook has becomes the strongest source of updates, so I couldn’t afford to lose it. There are various reasons I can offer.


Priority. Mine is to study. I’m nerd okay, but my monkey business is Medicine. I couldn’t risk anything that interrupts my concentration. I’m bad in telling myself what to do in next few hours if my timetable had to be re-scheduled. The luxurious apps making me spending more time with them than the books.

Emotional. Depression had the intention to be my second best friend. I hate paramount human attachments. I hate to reply every hello being sent to me. I hate seeing group notifications when it has less thing to do with me. I hate when people keep engaging themselves in a fruit-less conversation.Yes, it might started up with a vital message to get across to everyone, the Q&A sessions but how long do it last till the conversation walls closing in?  Yet, I’m hoping replies whenever I sent emergency messages to my closest friend. Sound so selfish right?

Butt hurt. You have problem with person A, tweet about that, the next thing you know person B is getting hurt and mad at you. Crazy world. One way to loss more friends and gain more foes. It is been always the perimeter, the circle around you that caused another drama.

Social. People said, ‘ You don’t have to delete the entire thing. You can control who’s you going to chat with’. Not that easy. My world is built on adrenaline and getting away with it. I can’t handle this, the temptation is too much for me. If thing goes around, I would reply ‘ Can you control your hunger? Can you tell yourself to be on diet for several days?’. That’s how vast the struggle to me. But diet, weight and shape are forever being the sensitive issues. So I sealed my lips!

Withdrawal Syndrome.This is personal. More likely, I keep certain distance not being too close with anyone. I get too chocked up with overflowing love and care yet I demanded some attention at my down time.


Tired, but not that kind of tired that sleep fixes.

In the nutshell, be smarter than any of your smart phones.


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