Life of streching the good times while rolling as assortment of bad times.

Recurrent pyelonephritis.
Kidney infection, the simplest term. Flabbergasted?

It’s a second too long to write this down. I intended to keep to myself and few closest friends, but WordPress had become a part of me now.

While I can throw sympathy all over myself, I gain high spirit instead. Look, if I always forget to be thankful for all the wealth, health, education and happiness, what’s the point of questioning of the sickness, misfortune or illness?

I accept wholeheartedly that my body is weak, but not my soul. My soul is much more stronger than I thought it was. My soul keeps me going forward and upward.

It is a bless. Anyway, when I experienced the illness first hand, the turbulences reverberate much later, which is actually useful for my career. Because I know exactly the feeling a second you want to succumb to it, the non-stop battle within yourself.

Hey,I’ve been in your shoes before.


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