Don’t miss me when I’m gone

Only some people have the aptitude in sniffing out the problems of others.

But every heart was born with the capability to detect the tangle within oneselves.

My heart said, she is sicked. Literally sick. And I, in the process of amending her.

InsyAllah she will get better.

I used to deny my feeling and put it at bay. I assume if I won’t see it, it won’t bother me. Nope. my eyes can’t see it, but it lies at the back of my mind. Which is far more worst in account of the bigger impact it brings to my life.

I liked him. Without any reason. ( You don’t need one) I have euphoria all over me if I contacted him, and all gloomy shades shadowed me in some days ‘without him’.

And I hate it. I hate to put my emotion at one’s hand. I hate that I’m happy because of people, not genuinely because of me, myself. Or my achievements. I hate to make he feels like a savior when I pour out my stories.

At moment, I even hate myself for having lack of self respect.

Boy. Man. I don’t understand them. Seriously. Why did guys making my presence go unnoticed and find me back when I had already MOVE ON? . I realized the pattern that guys seek for ‘no contact’.

I think it’s their nature to go for hunting instead of accepting the free meals ze girls bring on the tables.

Whatever. Do want you want, because I’m gonna seal my heart. I am capable of leaving. I am capable of disconnecting. I am capable to heal.

Because I love myself more.


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