The worst is over now.

Case Summary

1. Scenario Based Question
The first 4 questions are struggle to me. I barely knew how to answer the musculoskeletal questions. Yay! Come to hematology, so err I remember things according to sequences. So in my notes there are 4 columns. I can recall the exact cells ( basophilia) are particular in the third columns. But my big fat problem was, I didn’t remember the subheading ( to what group it belongs to). -,-


Okay. Basically there are 20 stations, and we have 5 minutes to complete each question. The questions were varied,from description of pathological cells and microscopy, microscopic culture,perform inactive procedure like dipstick test and interpret X-ray / Ultrasound films. Big relief for me, I can answer most of the questions. Some of the pictures provided were pheochromocytoma, clear cell carcinoma and osteosarcoma ( I got this one wrong, I wrote Ewing Sarcoma). It was the quickest 5 minutes of my life. One must have sharp vision and a fast thinker. Well, it is essential to have ability to use alien language in the description, like bull’s eyes cells, reticulocytosis, anisopoikilocytosis, orphan Annie eyes, psamomma bodies, pseudo inclusions bla bla bla.

3.OSCE Clinical
I had terrible fever on that day. I almost gave up, but through the sounded wind and heavy rain, I stood tall, picked up my umbrella and walked out to campus. I was the first person came. The door was still locked, and I waited faithfully for the staff to unlocked the door. I was in 2nd batch. Nervous wreck.

I have to complete 3 stations. The first is about foot ulcer of diabetic patient. I was shock, the ulcer was too big, with extensive necrosis and exposed bones are seen. I started my clinical with asking the patient which language he is prefered,
Namaste, Kannada, Hindi?
Patient: Namaste, Kannada
Me : Nanna heseru Mariah. Nimma heseru eenu?
Patient : Nanna heseru Suertag( i think so)

My examiner was impressed. Hahaha. Even it was just a simple conversation. My examiner asked if I learnt Kannada. I said yes.
Then, I describe all the 3 ulcers. But he didn’t want any negative findings. Yay! I got stuck but I just went on telling what I observed.
After I done with felt for his temperature of surrounding skin,I asked for gloves. But none is provided. -,-

The session ended with one Q : what is the difference between base and floor?

Forget it. At that time, I have no idea what the answer was.

Second station with Dr. T. It was a session of history taking of palpable anterior neck mass. It was fair. But I get caught in the middle when I asked,
Me : ‘Did you feel fine tremor?’
Dr T : ‘Do you assume she is a medical student? Don’t use medical term’
Me : ‘err, Did you find your hands was shaking when you hold objects?’

One last shot
Dr T ” How do you know, this mass is not a carcinoma”.
Me : ‘ Madam, can you swallow now?’
She did it
Me : ‘ The mass moves with deglutination, sir. If it is carcinoma, it will be immobile and fixed’
Dr T : No response.


Passive station : Folley’s catheter procedure.

The most annoying part was quarantine. After we done it, we must stay still in Anatomy Museum. No one was allowed to go back until all batches done with the exam. Grrrrrr. I sat at the corner of the museum nearby a window pane,I wish I could lie down. Heavy head. Cold fingers, Warm body.
Then Deanna came. She opened the window pane, face the window with opened hands and sang Titanic Song. lol. Man, the wind felt like a big ball of ice cube being thrown at you!


I wanna puke after finishing 400 statements in 2.5 hours. The end. Year II is over now.


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