First , Hematology

Freak out. Its not 9 days, it’s freaking 6 days left. How come my calculation could go wrong?

No wonder I suck at mathematics. Lol.

And I still in hematology block, been stuck here in 3 days in row and the other systems are still virgin, untouched. Luckily I have my own notes, which I just need to glance through it along with the dissected book. It eased up my midnight oil revision.But still, I don’t have a scanner brain or photographic memory. Every time I read, I need to write it down. That’s the only way I can memorize things.

My point is, I am so mesmerized with my ability to re-read and re-write everything in a cheetah’s speed. I’m so proud of being ME.

I’m in the verge of becoming an insane girl, yet I restrain myself from flushing it out. Who wanna hear me? My classmates have the same problems, my dearest friends back in Homeland already in the nine clouds enjoying their 3 months holiday ( mine is just a month. Pathetic), my parents (??) I enjoy talking more about pocket money. money and money and maybe I just don’t wanna bug anyone with my messy brain. Thanks WordPress for being a faithful company! Hahahha, Heart pour, this is my corner!

So, ya. I am smart. I am brilliant. I am genius. I am pretty (??) haha. Okay, now going back to book. Megaloblastic anaemia, here I come.


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