Student life

Okay. Breath in. I’m lost. Literally. I had cover everything, I had study group before this but I keep forgetting everything at once. Okay. Chill.

Exam in 9 days. But I still have time to go to nearby saloon for scalp cleansing and reading Surgical Book while waiting my turn. I’m nerd. I know.

At 430 pm, I had appointment with my dermatologist to undergo micro abression( Idk How to spell it). But I feel like a half size of toothbrush is running through my face and had a hole attached to it to suck some ermmmm foreign materials (??) on my face. Unwanted and Uninvited.

Who said Medical Student doesn’t have life? Oh, I do have life. Awesome than ever. hahaha.

Okay, I couldn’t hide that I was down with my end block mark. The questions were damn easy. I got 68 B+. Forget about Buying an Ipod. Come on, it was E.A.S.Y. Even people has a pea-sized brain can score it. Okay, that’s creepy. What is the size of my brain then? I wonder.

Ugly truth is harder to gulp when you put high expectation on yourself. But, expectation is essential in life. Can’t be separated. I just need to calm down and keep my head high. I gonna nail this. Especially because I had to compete the result with a person. I wanna win so badly.

But, of course I’m gonna win for my pride, not for his sake.


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