We were about to start the PBL session when Fa came. She always late these days, I came to notice it, but I didn’t say anything. My seat is on the opposite of the projection because seating next to projection with your head up trying to watch the slide was too mainstream. So basically there is a big table with surrounded by chairs. The first line of chairs is too close to projector so people tend to accumulate themselves on the other side. So did I.

Fa chose a seat next to me. We still didn’t talk and I glue myself to my Ipad, half listen to Gan’s presentation. His presentation is always the most articulate and crystal clear. I like it, but nowadays he was little inactive, maybe due to his lymphadenopathy ( he told us). I close my Ipad casing then Fa asked me to lend it to her. I handed it and the next second I knew, I agreed to her request to be her chaperone. She had a Dr. appointment. I nodded. I just did. I didn’t ask anything further. But my mind was thinking about how hectic it will be to pay a visit in the teaching hospital nearby. A lot of people came to get the treatment since it is a ‘CHARITABLE’ hospital. No pun intended.

But she is my friend, and that’s why friend did, keep her company.

So, the PBL session ended early, in fact we were the first group to reach canteen and have our delayed breakfast. Suddenly Fa said she wanted to call U.A ( our auto rickshaw driver). Erm, so she had an appointment not in the teaching hospital but a private clinic.

We arrived at the gynae clinic. Brutally she just went through the door, passed through the counter and into a large room. The room consists of different separated rooms, and I just blindly followed her.

‘Dayemmm’, she muttered.

‘ Why?’. I asked.

‘Nurse isn’t here yet.’ She answered with a lower voice.

We were heading out, when a tall lady came.

‘ I need an injection.’, Fa said briefly to the nurse. The nurse nodded. Fa walked into a space fit a bed. I called it a space because it was not even a room. The walls’ length separated 3 different ‘spaces’ do not reach the ceiling, they were half closed like ones of toilet bowl in gent’s loo. The thin walls. No privacy at all.

I was nervous. But she was too. I pulled a joke and lied down. At first she thought I was playing around, then minutes after she asked, if I was presyncope. Well, I had the history of fainting in bed teaching class so, maybe she just ate my play.

I shook my head, and woke up instantly. The nurse came, and poke the needle through her gluteus. I was in awe. Fa didn’t say a word. Not even ‘err’, ‘awwwwwww’ or a low transient hissing sound when the needle penetrated her body.

I saw she closed her eyes firmly when the nurse push the pulley and inserted the drugs through her systems. It must be really really painful. Because it is an intramuscular injection. Hell yeah, she should make sounds.

I worried. So much. I offered myself to carry her bag even though she protested and claimed that her hands are alright, it’s the legs and buttocks that suffered. But that’s the least I can do.

It was taken me by surprise that it was not her first time. This is her 4th times! It was unbearable pain I beat. But she just shut her mouth. She said the 3rd shot was given prior to clinical class, that’s why she had to sit down during the bed teaching class.

I lost my words. If it was painful, how can you just suck it up? Why don’t you show at least a tinge sign of discomfort? Saying I’m in pain with no face expression is almost equal to indifferent.


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