Crying Rains

I am extremely tired lately. But I still can’t handle it, nothing can beat the exhaustion I felt during Summer. Monsoon, I love weather. I love the rain. I purposely didn’t bring umbrella to soak myself wet. So, I can wear my sweater on top of my apron (white coat). I like the rush I had when a vehicle passed by, worried the it will stain my clothes. I like when I tiptoed to avoid big hole of muddy dirty. People might get bored to hear this, but oh I love it. Oh I really really bad at expression how lovely Belgaum now.

But in another part of this world, some people just out of love. This is so straightforward . I don’t know whether they picked the wrong person or it was just old same enemy – WRONG TIME.

Now, there are two part of you. The fragments of love with high hopes and dreams. Then there is the daily hate – pointed which party should be blamed, which is dreadful reliable. And when time has elapsed but it looks like there will be no changes or – are there?

I would like to interrupt to save you the pain. But I certainly don’t wanna carry the burden of guilt for any possible damage based on influence I planted on the unstable minds. So, I just offer my side that affirms empathy and simplicity.

Every day, you will always feel the sense of loneliness, a sense of reaching, a sense of nowhere or not find it all and never knowing, really and worst- never coming back for yourself.

But One thing – don’t change who you are. Bending yourself for one that still uncertain?

YOU have to be you. You have to find yourself, carry yourself out of the mess you’ve created.

Endless Love. The love you’re dying to conquer is within you. And there is always mysterious behind this discovery.

But above all, I hope spilling the story to me is, if not all – a bright spot of your day.


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