“Your eyes can’t see what your mind doesn’t recognize”- Prof A


That’s summarized my whole rainy Sunday.

9 pm

I had a soft tissue tumor discussion with Al and E in my room. Al came first because E had a dinner to attend.

Angioma. Fibrosacroma. Hemangioma.
Al hold a book and I glued my eyes on the desktop. Reading every details like setting mocking birds out of the cage.
Reciting out loud, but failed to retain, then the knowledge evaporate. Hahahaha

E came when we were almost finished. She just butt in and read the respective paragraph. ( We were using book and laptop simultaneously) . E looked unalarmed with the length of our progression, which ‘Wow’ me, if I were her, I would be so miserable – unable to keep up with the pace of the discussion.

So, the last tumor of the night is synovial tumor, tho’ it is not derivative of synoviocytes. I can’t hold it no more, so I jumped into my bed and covered myself with comfy duvet. For a skinny like me, 20c with sounded wind is intolerable. Al was flipping a companion pathology book, where every Q contains a picture and related questions. The picture might be a histological pictures, Xray images, MRI images, Gross pathology, etc. They were discussing about the answer while I unlocked my Ipad.

A sentence stole my attention. “What is the diagnosis?”

I turned my head and observed the X-ray image.

“Osteochondroma”. Correct.

The 2nd question looks like a clump clouds-shape appearance at the lateral of the bones.

“Osteosacroma”. Right.

The 3rd question is about a MRI image of a boy who had fever for 3 months ( and I forgot the rest of the details) but the pathology site is at mid lateral of his knee.

“Ewing Tumor”. Definitely.

The 4th question is about an old lady’s autopsy of vertebrate revealed a fracture at her lumbar.
E got it right, compression due to Osteoporosis.

Of course each question will not ended with diagnosis only, there are about 3-4 subquestions but who cares? . I’m really proud of my eyes.
Then I showed them my sketching I doodled during lecture.
Now this is what I figured out- your brain can store more input in term of pictures that words alone. It was so much easier to recall them back. Key point is organization, a shamble memory doesn’t help when you’re panicky squeezing your brain as hard as possible during the examination.

I am smart! I’m really am.
Joy and abundance.


( The picture is not drawn according to scale)


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