Additional papers II

I had another exam tomorrow. It has 6 chapters, and I’m struggling in the middle of 2 Chapter.


Ya, I keep returning from book to lappy to ipad! Too much distractions.

My point is,Fa is always playing with my Ipad in class. Usually she just used it to camwhore. So she did the same thing during PBL this morning. So, I was thinking of editing all her pictures – adding funny mustaches, glasses and bowler hates, then compiled them via CollegePics App.

When I about to upload the pic to her profile Facebook, I saw a blogspot link in her page. I traced down the link, which later I regret

It’s a story about his lovely father. I can’t hold it no more, and brought myself to tears.

Screw you Fa, I can no longer read the book!



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