Bed story

I was standing restlessly while H presented her clinical case to Dr. P
We were in 4th Floor, Male ward for weekly bed teaching. This time around, we are going to learn about Genitourinary system.

So, in a corner, we were all gathered around in an empty bed next to window panes. Intially, we were like 3 meters away from the respective patient, but since the fan was switched off, Dr. P insisted us to move to the corner.

He tried to opened the window pane but failed. It was sealed with three rods parallely sticked infront of it. Right there, he pulled out a scary face.

” Do you know why they sealed it?”. He asked. No one nodded.
“Long time ago, there was a man came to emergency due to his failed attempt to commit suicide. He was prescribed some drugs that meant to alter his mental alertness. And poof, no one was paying attention when he opened the window pane and jumped! Drug induced suicidal”. He smiled.

I heard few people burst into small laughter. I was in doubt, it was kinda funny the way he told the story, but dead people are not jokes. They are once people, were.


Then 35 minutes later, I had pre-syncope. They had to make me lied down on the bed and lifted my legs at the end of mattress. Luckily, my socks are clean with no holes.
Dr. P asked iL check my pulse on the left hand, while he was feeling for the right hand.
“Pounding pulse,” Dr.P screamed.

Hahaha, I was ashamed.


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