The end of March. Good bye for good. Welcome June.

Part I
I had lost count how many times I was actually wanna post something here, but I didn’t. I had no story line. So, let’s start with weather. Transition from summer to monsoon. Chills and Cold.
I barely felt the heat even at noon, which is better but I started to get oil sticked on my face. Blame the humidity. That’s my inferior state. Oily face. Acne. Argh. Girl’s dillemma.

Apart from that, it took almost 2 days for my clothes to dried up. Bad news.


( 36c to 23c , so abrupt)

I love my circadian cycle nowadays. I go to sleep before 12 am ( hooray for that, it’s suck when your body pledged you to rest while your mind said no : imsonia) , and get up for Fajr Solah, and Al will check me out at 730 am because we have a study group session before going to our class. Al + Ec + me is a perfect combination, hahaha and now we are struggling to revise Musculoskeletal Block. A vast, deeply challenging block.

Today, I was actually sleeping while they are discussing about Rhematoid Arthritis. Can’t help it. My laptop charger was out of order, so I can’t even switched on my laptop. I have a presentation on PBL tomorrow, and I seriously need to start doing it. I’m grateful that my friend had the courtesy to lend me her charger ( ours are Toshiba) for a while. Plus, it’s a perfect time, early morning since I don’t think she is wide awake.

P/ s : Oh, back in college,I had done some research on laptops brand. My advice, if you opt for long- lasting, money- worth laptop, buy 1. Asus or 2. Toshiba. I had used mine for almost 5 years, take into account that I’m not a caring and gentle user. ( That means something right?).

Part II
Campus hot news : My seniors had passed their Pro Exam II. It was an inspiring achievement. When Dean was about to announce the result,I was nervous too. Once the result was out, the baton had being passed on to us. Next, is our turn. Now, the real challenge had already started. To squat, or walk, or jump, or jog or jump, do whatever it takes to make it to the finishing line.Pro II, I’m gonna meet you next year


It’s a fact: I love medicine


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