Miss lonely


( credit to : perfectsayings)

As I slide down my instagram’s home via my Ipad,I found this picture. It stole my attention. Fit it.
I couldn’t tell you how I hate this place a year ago. Because it was something that didn’t reach my high expectation. Because it didn’t live up to my dream. And to the bottom of it, I more likely to blame myself. For everything.

Now, 2 years almost passed, I began to accept where am I. My soul learns, and still learning this destiny. I tell you, it is not as half as bad that I thought. Life is full of colours, without varieties, my journey might be dull.

But I didn’t know how to become a part of a particular group. Most of
the time, I love being independent and alone. Slowly, I welcome emptiness inside me. Things had changed. I do have friends, a group of people to chill out at Cafe Cofee Day, a bunch of girlfriends for night out Fire and Spice, trio ( including me) for study group as early as 7am, juniors for playing my fav-all-time sport Volleyball, or a common room- a place for us to gather with foods and junks and movie marathon.

But I didn’t click with anyone. I became too self absorbed that I love being alone. I thought I am freak, well I still am. But I just being me. And I am okay with it. But I won’t deny that at times, I felt too lonely. I wish a girl come magically from nowhere and talk to me. But despite of all the imaginations, I rather being still and quiet.

Maybe, this is nature. And maybe it is just another phase of early adolescent, a process where I am discovering my true self.


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