I’m gonna end my silent moment right now. It’s been too long, I haven’t write anything. Not that I’m busy, just I lose my motivation to update my story.

1. Few weeks ago, I was overjoyed. I had passed my end block assessment – GIT, for the first time. Again, my strength is on essay/ SBQ. I scored 39/50, the highest personal record so far. Tho MCQ’s mark was still in borderline 48/100, but overall I see much improvement. Thank God. It really boosts my confidence to score for future papers.

2. The next end block was musculoskeletal block. This time, SBQ got me cornered. All the questions roughly about fractures and their respective clinical anatomy. None of the famous subtopics like arthritis / osteomyelitis/ bone cancer questions had came out. There are 4 main questions, 10 marks each and I can confidently said that I will score 0 on one of them. I couldn’t remember the exact questions but the answer was Ulnar nerve and it’s about- the course/ pathological condition while I picked Median Nerve. Fortunately, MCQ wasn’t as mind blowing as before, the statements were straight forward and visible. But MCQ with negative marking, it’s all about luck. Hoho.

There was a Question that made me plastered a smile on my face. ‘Fracture Healing’. 3 weeks back, I was in Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) chilled out with couple of my friends after tiredsome lectures. While waiting for the beverages, I took out my lecture notes and read them. Few of my friends made fun of me, but it was harmless and I just continued scanning through the papers.
. On the day of test, I do realize, all the small readings count. ❤

3. I had occasional fever for 2 weeks, but it subsided during the day and exacerbated at night. On Sunday evening, I had lost control over it, and being admitted to the hospital for 5 days. High grade fever. On the first day, my body temperature was ridiculously high around 42c. Luckily, I didn’t get seizure. Drink lots of fluid- mineral water, juice or anything to retain body volume. That’s what the doctor told me.

Throughout my stay, everyone had been so nice to me. Some called ambulance and managed my discharge process, some accompanied me to the hospital, some cooked for me, some delivered the lunch box, some massaged my wet hairs, some visited me with apples, oranges, juices and beverages, some stayed with me overnight, some prayed for me ( maybe), some wish me luck, some brought my clothes and other belongings that I need to the ward. Despite the intense pain, chills and rigor, their love and concern moved me. I said to myself, I should be better so I won’t be their worries no more. I even got a surprised red valvet cake on my table! 🎁. I’m really thankful to them all!

Alhamdulilah, I’m getting better from day to day. The private ward that I used to stay – room 303 is a comfort room with a personal toilet attached, and a television. I killed my loneliness and boredom by watching HBO and star movies ( the other channels used local language, which I won’t understand the words)

Scenery from my room. One sweet evening when I was too tired from lying 24 hours on the bed, I walked to the window and enjoyed the natural breeze.

My bed,

The only source of entertainment.

I can stand the IV dripping from the bag and slowly flew to my veins, but I can’t stand the rush-in antibiotics. Once inserted,I’ll show the ugliest face and screamed at the nurse.Typical painstaking.

That’s all for now.


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