Back bones

I saw the big light bulbs, like bubbles on the skin of a ladybird .I’m in the trauma operation room. The surgeon injected my arm and inserted tube to allow the saline solution dripped into my vein(I think). One of the nurses clipped a pulse-detector to my finger. The surgeon lifted my trousers( the one that the gave me to be wore before came into the ward) up until my knee and put the plastic underneath it.

He came near me, and tapped my shoulder ‘Don’t worry, you will be fine’. I was chill, the room is too cold. And I saw the reading of my pulses , 100 per minutes. It was upper limit of normal range.

And zzzzzzzzzz.

The next thing I knew, I was on a trolley, and the nurses said, it was over. I was crying like hell, because 1) I’m thirsty 2) I wanna see my friend.

The nurses gathered around me and the sister said,’ We are your friends’. It was a joke to me. But after sometimes, I knew she meant it. I couldn’t think properly, I just screamed weakly and shed my tears,
‘I want water. Please give me some water’. But they refused, because it might caused me to vomit as I just gained my conciousness. I think it was due to the oxygen mask and the effect of the general anesthetic. Maybe. I kept pointing at my throat, then one of them, out of sympathy, gave me water- the quantity not more than the cup of a bottle. Yup. So little!

I kept asking where am I ? What am doing here? Then they patiently answered my questions. But the most unforgettable one,a female nurse touched my hand, and said’ Be calm, think of God’. Thats keep me in a silent mode, until I felt I wanna pee.

They asked to sit on the wheel chair, then pushed me to the loo. After that, I had my friend came to see me. Relieve written all over their faces, mine is not an exception.

I really had a strong supporting system,
1) E skipped a clinical class to complete my discharge form, bought the medication and be there for me, the whole day, even I knew she wasn’t well too. She suffered from a terrible migraine. More than that,she cooked for me, and gave me a head massage like the hairstylist in the saloon did!
2) N and some of the health bureaus helped me throughout the day, and my roomie too.
3) S carried me (piggy back) from ground floor up to 3rd floor of my hostel. The lift is still in progress, but Wow. She is titanium!

And with these charm circles I had, I don’t think I need a boyfriend. Hahaha

Alhamdulilah, thank you Allah for saving me this time.


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