Toys and a Playhouse



I had my slept over in the hospital, accompanied my friend, N. She was admitted because of food poisoning. Well, she consumed too much food the day before, and at night, I even asked her to have dinner in US Pizza. And I do feel bad for that. Poor her,she complained how hurtful it was when the nurse tried to find her vein to inject the drugs and saline solution under her skin. She couldn’t grasp anything at the moment, so I helped her with minor tasks, like holding a cup, or press the remote control,etc.

We are in the new private room. It is so luxury, as the name suggests, private. A single room is large with a toilet attached. That’s the most important part. Hahaha. I beat she isn’t feeling so bored, because there’s a television with HBO, star movies, sport channels, I guess. But again, who likes to stay in the hospital right? She demanded to be discharged early but her condition do not permit her so.

The fee might be expensive but luckily we have medicine insurance covered by our scholarship. So we didn’t have to pay even a rupee. Thank God for that.


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