Say anything?

I saw your expression when you’re looking at it. That black with pit hole in my leg, it gotten bad to worst. But you ain’t say nothing. Why? If it wasn’t me, I bet you have 1001 words to tell right? I remember you told me, you looked away the moment DR injected the needle straight to my eyebrows last year. This time you looked at the pain, speechless.

I don’t blame her. Our friendship is kinda superficial to me. Afterall, I guess it is win-win situation. We are good, smiles at each other down the road but those ‘friendliness’ had long gone. I say, this is my shortcomings. But I’m not a bad guy here. I guess I can’t handle too much love she showed. I’m suffocated once somebody get too closed. Attachment, that’s the last thing I will do on earth.

But I looked at your special gift to me – Al-kitab ,Quran. I know she is in the good hand now. Be Well


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