I’m screwed.

Roomie isn’t here and I’m scared to death. I don’t wanna sleep alone, there are too many things in my mind. Last year, a male showed up in ladies hostel, almost naked. Luckily some of the guys from the next hostel saw him, and ran after him. But luck is not in our sides, he escaped. One week before the incident, I heard something by the window, but I just let it passed. I couldn’t sleep, and conviced myself, it was just blowing wind. But my gut told me just stayed out of my room, and I slept in Deanna’s room.

During sport day, Salem- the cat managed to get into my room because I forgot to lock it, and slept next to me. The moment I realized a black thing is exactly next to me, I almost killed the cat. I had knife with me, just in case of emergency.

Did you read news or watch television? Women’s violence is an uproar issue right now. That’s add some worries right?

Now, I’m alone. I just typed this down, because I believe there is no monster in my closet or in my room.
Like Michael said, it is nothing but fear. I have to face it because fear isn’t real, it just sits at the back of our minds.


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