Not deep

Written by Gaby Dunn

When I’m tired, I just need someone who can bear with my complaints. When I’m sad, I need to borrow someone’s ear. When I’m intrigued, I need a company to cheer with me.

Gary is right, I just need somebody who I don’t have to impress. Someone who can sit comfortably on the same level with me. Someone who can temporarily forget who am I, where I am now, and what I’m currently doing.
I’m so sick when people introduce me to the strangers with recognition of my course status.
I don’t feel so great about it, hate to steal the limelight,so sometimes, I lied.

Because it isn’t all about the fame. It is responsibility, duty, ethics and all of them out weight the compliments I ever received.

A shallow relationship – not deep, camouflage myself, with a cup of coffee, and smiles fill up the silence.


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