I survived after the exam. But I don’t want to talk about it. And I’m vain today, let’s proceed to my favourite belongings!

1. Pencil case and the contents – special for examination day only.
I really particular about my stationaries.I would keep my eyes on them to make sure they wouldn’t be mistaken for someone else’s belongings because all look the same. I have a set for everyday class, magic pen during PBL section to write down the case and for important day like examination!


A pen, a 2B pencil, 0.7 Lead pencil and an eraser for the day. Spot Little red riding hood!

2. Body Butter Body Shop : Strawberry
Can’t live without it. During winter my skin flakes off, and I had to suffer from the coldness. This is my skin savior.I love the fruity smell and how delicate it feels on my skin. It doesn’t really sticky like oil/ typical lotion which is a plus to me!

3. Body wash : J&J Ph 5.5

It really suits my dry skin. It cleans and moisturizes my skin at the same time. I needed it so badly because my previous body wash has strawberry smell as well but it makes my skin stretches after usage. It doesn’t have strong smell but I love the pinky glitter case that I bought separately. I enjoy my bath time even more, 😬. Pretty things caught my eyes, can’t help it!


4. Body mist : Juiced Berry Victoria
Fi introduced me this one. I felt in love the moment I inhaled those fragrance. I feel like strawberries spark in the air, and shower me all day long. This one increase my confident level especially in a hot summer afternoon but I didn’t apply directly on my skin. It contained denatured alcohol so I’m not sure if I could use it during solah (pray). But it really worth my money, 250ml and I have used it for approximately one year!

5.Hair accesory : Hair Bands.
Black for casualty, Purple with glitters if I think I’m pretty on that day and pinky bead for smart pants work out. Although I’m wearing shawl but this are definitely girls bestfriends. Throw on my head and they will magically manage my messy hair. Hahaha 😀


6. Instant booster : The Body Shop Vitamin C energising face spritz
I rarely use this one. If I wake up late with sleepy head or I notice the blackened panda eyes, then this will be very useful. Oh, especially during exam, when I didn’t get enough sleep. Insomnia attack.

7.Foundation : MAC Pro Longwear Foundation
I just apply this on special ocassions like parties, festivals or dating with mom. It does me huge favour by camouflage my dark spot and acnes, preparing a smooth skin before make up. I really satisfied with the coverage because it almost the same colour of my skin. *Clap clap*. So, I wouldn’t look like pancake or something.


Why bother to have all of this? I’m a normal teen, with all desires, dreams and some dramas here and there, so I need to feel good about myself. Favourite items like favourite friends. And sometimes I just need some extra shot of confidence to keep me energized for classes. It is important for all girls at my age to stay hygiene, healthy and pretty( of your own definition) in the process of making your dream into reality!
Naturally, I’m not a fan of dull and boring things.


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