Guilty as charged

Sunday morning, lazy as ever.

Having my breakfast on my bed while watching movie. Lazy. I have an exam on Thursday and I don’t feel like doing revision, but I have too. Giving up after reading two slides, yeay the scope is too wide, Social Medicine – I don’t even know where to start. The other part is Biostatistic – not that tough tho’. I can handle it. But the staff is supposed to distrubute the objective books, so we know what to emphasize and still, we haven’t got any.

See, I’m so pro in searching for lame excuses. Natural talent, I beat. I shall stop finding others fault in my situation. It’s so unhealthy, like the wise man said,
‘When life gives you lemon, squeeze it dry’. Common, let’s take a heap!

Oh I changed our bed position



Let’s get it started!


6 comments on “Guilty as charged

  1. Hey yo. Is that SPM Park? I hope you know there’s a summarized alternative book for that, dude.

    • shakyjemz says:

      What is SPM stands for? Yup written by Park. really? Unfortunately, Le library doesn’t have copy of it.

      • Social and Preventive Medicine aka Community medicine, what we used to call Spam. There’s a summarized Park, that has just key points and headings, which eliminates all the yadda yadda on the page. Look it up online, it’s won’t put a hole in your pocket. Park is good for when you’ve got all the time in the world, but right before the exam the small Park saves you a lot of unnecessary hard work. 🙂

      • shakyjemz says:

        Oh, just like Robins with baby Robins – simplified one right? Ok. Thanks! Will look it up.

      • Lol, exactly like the baby Robbins. No worries and all the best!

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