1 week, 10 lines.

It’s a second day of school. One week hols is so much fun, tho’ I wasn’t in a good shape. Puking, Continuous coughing and runny nose accompanied me for the entire week. Hahaha. But nothing beat the feeling of being home!

1. After 3 consecutive flights, finally I landed in my hometown. My mom picked me up and directly went to our Family Dr because of my swollen reddish finger. That’s Charlie thingy, that I told you last week.

2. My house is full of carpets which trigger my alllergic reaction. acchhoooooooo!

3. The next night, we went to One Borneo Hyper mall, mom bought Mini Ipad, recent one, released in January. Yay! She’s so excited. Why mom should have one? 1) My sis couldn’t assist her for skype-ing with me when she is away for College soon. 2) She loves to play games. 3) My dad loves to play games too.

4. My mom sponsored me a green canvas for my bicycle after tired upon hearing the complaint of garage issue. Well there’s no garage in my new hostel. And my bike needs a home.

5. Mom loves her DKNY watch I bought her last month! And she kindly pay my money back 🙂

6. Mom afraid that I will keep so much penny during my traveling, so she converted some to US dollar, without my knowing.

7. My domestic flight is at 705am, so here we are, the early birds leave their nest at 4 am!

8. My international flight is delayed! Booooo.

9. I just realized I had my first day of menstrual, and I couldn’t really move my body! Luckily, F and P came to Airport to send me off. And they had done me huge favors like scanning my bags, assist my bags for plastic wrapping and bought some buns.

10. The saddest part, a group of intruders had successfully invade my hometown. Currently,7 of heroes down while protecting the state. My prayer will be with them!


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