Just finished my study group session. Then I decided to re arranged all my books from the rack into my pinky box. It is so tiring to take them all and put them back, neatly. Plus I don’t wanna mess up my study table.

The original position.

Board on the box!

Life is great so far, I have two study session with the other 2 girlfriends. One in the afternoon 230pm-330pm and at night 930pm onwards. Each of us will make a mind map of a short chapter and present within an hour. As for me, I will only use the note for guidance and re-write my own version. That’s how I remembered things.

I actually learnt the value of self discipline. Like I will not fell into deep slumber at noon or locked my eyes at laptop, watching Malcom in the Middle. Let’s hope this time I will not burn the midnight oil, again.

I kinda like the systems. Because there is no essay Q for second year, but the trick is in applying the knowledge, not just blindly recalled them. Given some Situation Based Question, you had to handle the situation. It mimics real life situation where you had to manage patient that come to you with symptoms of unknown disease. Probable diagnosis? Dig it from the brain.

It is fun. Trust me. And this time, I have 400 statements for Multiple Choice Questions. Pray hard kill them, before they get me,again.


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