Run baby run

Have you wish ; you will have limbs- arms and legs the next day you wake up?

He did. And they definitely couldn’t emerge out like branches of a tree. Learning how impossible his dream was, he lead a healthy positive life ; by believing of a big HOPE, that he wasn’t a mistake. God gives him purpose to life, even in an abbreviated body.

He is far more successful than majority of ‘perfect’ normal people. He reached out for people and sparked them with fuel of motivation. Struggle is omnipresent in our live, we tend to stay still in our down times, wail and blame, throwing tantrum at everything. He did the same thing too. But soon, he realized the power of optimistic. You can be what you wanna be, if you stretch as far as you could, and get out from the tragic circle.

Enough with tears. Wake up. Chin up. Run for your dream, you may fall, face down but remember you had shorten your distance to grab your goal. Wake up again. Chin up. And Run ; to the finishing line.



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