You can’t work magic out of the air. If you don’t master trick. Hence, my life.

Grrr, my semester mid term is less than a month away, and all I do is a superficial readings. Grab my iPad and read lecturer notes from the dropbox. And felt asleep midway before the slides end.

Argh, I’m a visual learner, that’s why I focus in the lecture. I hardly asleep. Thanks to my experience in college, when you didn’t give undivided attention during class,you can’t master even 50% of the subject. I didn’t wanna repeat the stupid mistake twice, so if I feel dizzy, I won’t go to class at all. I lay on my bed, comfortably. Not in the wrecked-back-ache chair.

Okay, let’s say I already grabbed 50% of the lecturer, but I didn’t revise within 24 hours. It still ain’t working efficiently. And I need study group to revise, but my partner is part of Anastasia team. All her ample time is devoted ti practice, so I shall wait till tonight. It ends tonight.


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