I came late to PBL, thanks to my sphincter. It relaxed 5 mins before class, so I had spent some ‘ample’ time in my loo. After that, my heart told me to check my mail, which gave me a nice surprise. The rape incidence had spread like wild fire, beyond lands and oceans. When a long friend of mine who currently in Jordan sending thoughts asking , how am doing, and just to remind that I should be extra careful, well that’s the sweetest thing one could do. Thanks!

So, I rushed into PBL room and after apologized for running late, I copied the scenario and tried to pick up with the discussion. When the second trigger came, Madam DR, asked about further investigation. My mind literally turning back the time, when I was in Naddy’s room yesterday. We were watching Dr. house ( it was my first time) with Princess, and Johnny too. I screamed, ‘Prothrombin test’. Haha, now we are in GIT block, subheading : patient with colicky pain. Differential diagnosis is numerous, but investigation is just few. When Madam Dr, asked why I suggested the test, I came with hypothesis of internal bleeding in intestine, since the patient’s vomitus is brown in colour. Plus, PT could determine any possibility of liver disease.

Madam DR nodded, compliment on the suggestion, which put me on the cloud nine. What I love about Madam Dr, she always gives encouraging gesture when you came up with brilliant answers, but be prepare of handful explanation with her counter back questions. I winked at Naddy’s, and miming, ‘Dr house’.🏩.

Now I understand why my cliques like to watch that series, it really helps to brush up your current knowledge of medicine. And one more thing, during Acute Appendicitis class, Prof Chairman mentioned about the ancient surgical book, which last edited in1992. After class, I rushed towards the library and grab the book, mainly because a) I’m broke even I decided to buy the book later 2) I wanna read the chapter mentioned by Prof 3) because the smell of old book is, addicting.



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