I’m not consider myself as a shopaholic, but I didn’t really know where my money gone. No, I’m not in denial or disillusion, but I can’t track the bill.

And now, I have so many utility bills to pay. My school fee, my flight ticket, my braces bill, internet bill and I wish to have a guitar. It is compulsory for us to finish 21 credit hours for a club. Last year, I was in photography club and I’m thinking of choosing Music Club – and play guitar this time. It is so practical to play guitar, because I can work out in my room too, and the apparatus is relatively affordable and flexible ( unlike piano or keyboard).

My first intuition is to go for violin, but I heard it requires skill and demands hours for practice. I’m a beginner, so I would like to try something that is, easy.

And, look what I found! I cut it from 17 mag long time ago!


Okay, Keep my eyes on my money!


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