I witnessed my friend being assessed by my clinical teacher a.k.a Mr . Prof, and it was so intense. He asked so many counter questions, like why did the findings or question is important? What are the clinical significants, those kinda thing that you should master the chapter beforehand. If I were in her position, I had my mouth taped. It’s so cynical to remember all the diseases and symptoms all together. But yeah, what is am doing right now?

The signature of my Doctor, is the utmost vital right now. Without his remarks and passing marks, we are unable to sit for final exam. Just like, you fail even before you take the exam. Woaah. 😩

That’s the first. Second thing is, I had to write case report correspond to the present case, and will be marked later. Passing mark is my target, and it is compulsory for me to sit for the exam. But that’s not yet the end. This case report will be either my savior or not, when my mark ( final year) is fall in border mark and for my circumstance, my marks where out of the range, as I got lower than that.( account for my previous tests).

I already told my clinical teacher, I had made an appointment with Post-Graduate student, this Sunday. So, she will asses my clinical skills, but I will write case report and hand in to Mr. prof. Luckily, he agreed with that. I had no much time now, so I want to settle everything before study week, and focus on my mid term exam.


Just got back from hospital, but now I’m going to futsal practice! 😁


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