Welcome the 13th

This year, I apparently felt less excited to celebrate new year. The spoiler said, the number changed, nothing else. To some degree, I nodded with the statement.

The intensity of the celebration is almost nil in my campus. The curfew of my hostel is ridiculously at 6 pm in the new year eve! It stated on the board notice, with a firm treat/warning added ,student should never involved in any alcohol beverages. Or face the music yourself. Safety first, stud!

I have classes like usual, so I declare my own break, which I regretted much later.
Looking back, 2012 has been wonderful to me. I didn’t want to change anything, because almost everything fall into it place. Even if it doesn’t, it will, later. I learn, and unlearn and brush up my tongue, my breath smells more sarcasm day by day. Kidding.

I won’t write any cliche’ resolution this year, yet I’m not aimless, no no. I just want to remind that, be careful for every desire you wish, because not having want you want, might be a wonderful luck. People never know.

Big agenda : 1st week of February : GIT block assessment.
4th week of February : Mid Term I

Small agenda : Grow up, dream BIG, stay smart and work out.

1.1.2013, even after 15 days after my birthday, I still received birthday presents from the girls. What a start 😁!


Happy New Year, wherever you are. Love, me!



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