Friday Diary

Done with The fault on our star, yes the novel. It took a great effort for me, to hold myself from crying. But I can’t resist, why does the novel ended with someone, died? Anyway, I was bit too emotional, and get busted, with some water.. No, tears rolled down, and someone had watched me.

That’s not the big deal. Anyway, I Skype with mom early morning, while halfway reading the book. I remembered that I said, I’ll write a review. But not now, because I’m the middle of watching The perks of being a wallflower movie. A great start even tho’ Mer said it isn’t as good as the novel.

But for me, the intro is quite impressive, with even the minor details are presented, matched those in the book. Maybe because the author of the book is the same person as the director of the movie.Awesome. Because I really loathe a movie cramped in 2 hours and so, but didn’t do much justice to the original novel. Which ruin the whole thing, I mean ruin my imagination, ehem reader’s imagination.

It is a plus that Charlie’s sister is Elena from Vampire Diaries, I forget her real non- actress name. Haha. Which heighten the character to a new level, because I didn’t pay much attention to her in the novel tho’. Apparently, I’m still in the mood for the movie.

But I already read the intro of GIT, of Clinical Medicine book, and made a little note ( so I just do not feel too bad + guilty towards my academic profile). That’s count as an effort, right?.

I will be going out to market this evening, and buying stuff, cause I’m craving for Pavlova. The last time I had was during my birthday, made by lovely Far.Marvelous.

I guess my thought is everywhere, this is the side effect of deleting Twitter account. I started to vomit all of the contents of my mind to WordPress all at once, which is pretty obvious.

That’s all for now. Back to the movie.


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