My class finished an hour earlier than scheduled. Everyone looked happy, I guess. The drama members got extra time ( most of their free time is filled with practice),we can pray early , have a rest before futsal practice. So I went out of lecture hall and looked up at the notice board.

My mark. I knew I failed but I just want to take a look at my compartment marks. I got it. MCQ killed me! Multiple choice questions, which I thought should be changed the name to, ‘Double Choice Questions’ because there are only two options available,true or false.
Those 100 questions in 1 hour time and I just got 33 out of it. Worst than poor. It is not mean I got 33 correct answers, because I’m assured I’m more intelligent than that, maybe I got more marks but the wrong choice answers mean Negative. Some of my marks get deducted.

SBQ, stands for Scenario Based Questions, which I got 29 out of 50. It was among the highest marks recorded on the board. I’m fluttered. Common just give me a break. Let me be proud of this paper, because, the fact that never changed, I failed anyway. Dush!

I bought some MCQ books, because I need more exercises before the next test. But a postman just delivered , ‘ The fault in our start -JohnGreen’ I ordered in the eve of X- Mas. So, my medicine books have competition right now, unless they can seduce me to flip them open, or else. Hmmm. Fill the blank yourself.

And about that novel, I even brought it in the loo, and continue to read it. Disgusting. Haha 😜, the novel more like a parasite now.


I’ll write the review later! But I shall remind myself to do my revision.


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