The perks of being a Wallflower review

This book is amazing! I love everything from cover to cover. At first, I thought it’s a cliche’ story, Charlie, the wallflower, get isolated from his community and will get bullied from his seniors. But, the opposite did happen.

He is unique, but he made friends with two of his seniors, Sam and Patrick. They are kinda accepted him, and treated him as their friend. Not like your junior or kid, but friend like their buddy, which is unusual.

He used to cry a lot, and ratted to his doctor about his personal life which I think quiet annoying, but he was not weak nor coward, that’s why he stood up against bullies. At one point, he caused two of Brads’ friends hurt badly, to protect Patrick. Moreover, he even made a statement to cause further injury if they were to mess up with Patrick again. Apart from that, he is smart, he got all A’s but never brag about it. This boy is shy and sweetly down to earth,
Yeah, so Charlie is almost unpredictable, and strong, but I have nothing against it. I like it that way.

It is painful to see how Charlie wanted Sam so badly, but Sam already found her soulmate ( at that time). But he never being compulsive to his desire, yet he faithfully accept the fact Sam will never like him, the way he meant it.

Kudos to the writer, this is a master piece. The language is simple, and so convincing that the story teller is Charlie, a high school boy. The writer did great job by looking it from the kid’s view. It feels real!


I can’t wait to watch the movie of the same title. Emma Watson always carries geeky, Ms. Know-it-all looks. I bet she can’t have sexy, poignant or seductive role in the future, because nerdy is her middle name.


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