A break

Now, it’s the 3rd time. I keep coming back to WordPress. I deleted my twitter last month, because I just I wanted to do it.

As for now, I just feel like throwing my thoughts here and there, because they had conquered the space of my mind. Today is X- mas, so I have a day break. In the morning, I have futsal- friendly match with Artic House. They are superb, the players passed the ball neatly and controlled it like pro. Artic has bright future for Final. As for my team, Atlantic – we have a lot to brush up but my captain seemed fine with it.

I thought I should skype with mom, but Mom wasn’t home. My sister said she is all alone in the house, so I just asked her to pass my message to mom. The whole day, I’m so into the book – the Perks of Being A Wallflower. I don’t know what is wallflower at first, because I never heard it, until today. So I googled it. But I know perks stands for ‘advantages’. But after finish reading, I had confusion for the title. But I just let it be. Don’t wanna add another burden to my head.

At the evening, I had a small picnic in the nearby lake. Before I went out, I took a look at myself at the mirror, gosh! My pimples are growing bigger on my forehead, luckily I’m wearing shawl, I could hide some of them. And my eye bag, as big as panda’s. I blame the novels. They are like caffeine, they kept me awake the whole night. I grabbed my shade in the cabinet, that’s how you camouflage the unwanted circle.

In the night, I mean right now, I’m chewing some walnut brownies. Supposed, Mi took me out for dinner, but I asked her to postpone it. My stomach is full and bloated, maybe I ate a lot during the picnic. But I never skip a meal, except if I’m fasting. Now, I think I’m hungry. Maybe. I just want to eat or else tomorrow I will have a tough day. I have class from 9am to 5pm, as usual. And if I wake up late, I’ll pass the breakfast. And when I’m hungry,I can’t concentrate. That’s dangerous, because I don’t think I will revise the subject at home.

About a baggage of problems I’m having, I pray hard I’m skillful enough to handle them.

‘We accept the love we deserve’- The perks of being a Wallflower.

How do you know if we ever deserve them?. Lol, I should stop writing now. Or I should proclaim myself as a novel critic.

Not so easy man. Happy holiday,laid!


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