Focus Less

Last night, the wind was howling, like there was a storm or just temporary aberration of weather. Beautiful, very real. Quit sometimes it pushed my door ajar, and gone with whistling sounds.

Live is great, endless, eternal present moment if you are passionate who make most of your life. Look ahead, I temporary loss my direction. By chance, It is a blurry road yet I have to make it through, with thick heavy fog. Like a blind man,or blindfolded one – more likely to stumble on the ground, yet I move along, and carry the jar of my heart.

If there is a lesson I learnt throughout my life, the best I can apply is, never complaint and turn the odds into a laughable manner. People can only offer you emotional support, but they can’t do anything beyond that. Not being skeptical, but some are just easily getting bored of your story. So, I sealed it.

I can’t deny, that I have a strong urge to go back home. And composed myself with my kins, my family. But that is near to impossible. Distance is just a number, yes ,number thats is equivalent to the value of pain. Getting somber day by day, yet I try to get hold of myself.

I believe HE is listening to me. I believe He will grant my wish. I believe He will save her. Amin.


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