Field Trip

Today is my productive day. In the afternoon, my group mates and I had a great experience visiting Children with Special Needs Home. The children are special but they are slow learners. Their level of IQ are less than normal, ( <;;70 ). Nevertheless, they have the right to be treated as normal kids.

On the outside, we might thought they are problematic but I wonder how did they see the world? They have less expectation towards achievement, all they ever wanted is happiness, or joy. For them, life is wonderful if they have friends to play with, enough food to be eaten, or participate in art class. What else do they need?

But, on the other angle, I know they have feelings too, which make them no less than the normal human being. Do they feel hurt if they are rejected? Do they feel awkward surrounded by a normal society? How about spouse? What if they grow up in needs of an opposite sex person to be with them? Do they have the same desire as we did?

Honestly I know not much about them, or their mental status, but that's just my 2 cents.

They are not genius, but they have extra ( or less) genes that made them special.

Apart from that, I have netball practice in the evening, and I went to hospital at night for practicing my case presentation. Thank Allah, the patients are cooperative, and I could do check up on them. Now, yawning!



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